Dewey B. Larson

Dewey B. Larson (Nov 1, 1898 - May 25, 1990) was an American engineer and theoretician born in McCanna, North Dakota. The author of several works on the fundamental nature of the universe and the originator of the Reciprocal System of physical theory, Larson developed a consistent and comprehensive theoretical framework to explain natural phenomena from sub-atomic particles to super-galaxies. By answering questions such as, “Why does light sometimes behave as a particle and sometimes as a wave?”, “What is the origin of gravity?”, and "How are galaxies and quasars related?” the breadth of Larson's work is unmatched by any other scientific investigator, past or present.

Quasars--Three Years Later

Three years have now passed since publication of the book Quasars and Pulsars in which a detailed explanation of the existence and properties of the quasars was derived by pure reasoning from the properties of space and time as postulated in what is known as the Reciprocal System of physical theory. In the meantime further observations of these objects have been made, hypotheses and conjectures of all sorts and descriptions have been proposed, tested and discarded, and the astronomers and others concerned have had additional time to assess the significance of the various bits of knowledge that have been accumulated, and to weigh the attempts at explanation of the phenomena more carefully. It would appear, therefore, that it is now in order to take a look at the question as to how well the theory outlined in Quasars and Pulsars has been able to cope with the new information developed during the three year period, and where this theory now stands in comparison with the more conventional views of the subject matter.

Books by Dewey B. Larson

Dewey Larson published a number of books on physics, astronomy, sociology, economics and metaphysics during his life, as well as a great number of papers. Please visit the ISUS Store if you wish to purchase any of the books, or the RS Library to view on-line versions.

An Interview with Dewey B. Larson

Taped in August, 1984 at Salt Lake City

by Jan Sammer

(In the text version, the order of the paragraphs has in some cases been changed)

JS: I’d like to start out by asking a few biographical questions. Somewhere I've read that your family comes from Norway. Was it your parents or your grandparents who first came to this country?

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