Dewey B. Larson

Dewey B. Larson (Nov 1, 1898 - May 25, 1990) was an American engineer and theoretician born in McCanna, North Dakota. The author of several works on the fundamental nature of the universe and the originator of the Reciprocal System of physical theory, Larson developed a consistent and comprehensive theoretical framework to explain natural phenomena from sub-atomic particles to super-galaxies. By answering questions such as, “Why does light sometimes behave as a particle and sometimes as a wave?”, “What is the origin of gravity?”, and "How are galaxies and quasars related?” the breadth of Larson's work is unmatched by any other scientific investigator, past or present.

His first publication, The Structure of the Physical Universe (1959) laid the groundwork for further endeavors. Updated and expanded in a series of volumes, Nothing But Motion (1979), Basic Properties of Matter (1988) and The Universe of Motion (1984), Larson presents an alternative paradigm of the universe where space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the basic component of the universe—motion. In other works, Larson enumerates the shortcomings of modern physical science, including critiques of relativity, quantum mechanics, and the nuclear theory of the atom.

For more background information on the origin of Larson’s discoveries, see Interview with D. B. Larson taped at Salt Lake City in 1984.